The Curious Case of Dub vs Sub


There isn’t an anime fan that hasn’t heard it before, or participated in a debate. When adapting a piece of material that is culturally different from yours it will always be inferior to the original, just like movie adaptations of books, and reboots of classic movies, but especially anime. For some reason the anime fandom has had this unending war on whether or not Dub is better than Sub, or vise versa, and for some strange reason you have to pick a side. Well, as someone who’s been on both sides I decided to try and unravel this impending Pandora’s box.

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I Am a Hero Vol 1 Review


I am a Hero came as a surprise to me. It was marketed as the best zombie manga ever made, it was getting critical attention, and no matter what people said about it they always associated the story with zombies. As somebody who hates zombies I couldn’t find any reason to pick this up, but alas I did, and I’m very grateful for that blind buy.

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How to Tackle Detective Conan


Detective Conan is a notoriously long series, in manga format and anime, that has over 80 volumes of manga, and over 800 episodes of anime. Oh, and did I mention it’s still on going?? Yeah, for any anime fan a 100+ series seems daunting, but trying to get into Detective fucking Conan? Impossible! Well friend, I say it’s not impossible and in this post I’ll tell you the low down on how to tackle this monstrosity of greatness, and if you should even watch it, in a way that won’t make you go crazy.

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Kizumonogatari Review


The Monogatari series is probably the most hyped of any series that I have ever heard of. Fans are so passionate about this confusing series that I’m sure a lot of people like me were turned off to this. I mean, what’s worse than somebody constantly saying “you need to watch this!!” without giving any explanation why because it would be a ‘spoiler.’ Not only that, but this series has so many names, or arcs, in it that just glancing at them could confuse someone and thus turn them off even more.

Well, Vertical has released the third light novel in the series, Kizumonogatari, first because it’s the prequel to everything and chronologically it comes first in the story. I’ve heard many Bakemonogatari fans sort of fussing about this, but to be honest I really liked this decision. For someone who had no idea what this series was it offered me a concrete story to start off with, and even explained that this is the first story in the Monogatari saga. Now I bet you’re wondering if it was worth it?

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Inside Mari Manga Review


The toughest part about Romance Month has definitely been picking what Yuri and body switching titles I should do. Both of these are way out of my area of expertise that I just don’t know where to begin, but I think I found good candidates. Under the Yuri title I chose Inside Mari, and whether or not it really is a yuri will be discussed later.

Inside Mari is by the same creator who did The Flowers of Evil, Drifting Net Cafe, and Happiness. The Flowers of Evil was what introduced me to him, and like most people I loved it. He takes care of his characters and lets them drive the story while also trying to give an actual meaning to his work, and you definitely see that in Inside Mari. Because I absolutely love this manga, and the fact that there’s so much to take away from this, I’ll be splitting this post into two parts: the review part so that I can tie it into romance month, but also a discussion part that will be put up at some later time so that I can really analyze the manga with you all.

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