Hello all! I am just a humble avid Anime, Manga, Light Novel fan. My goal is to share my love on this blog with all of you and I hope we can all have fun and converse on some topics. If you are interested in what I’m watching or what I’m reading then you can find me on myanimelist by my user Silentfan6

I do have a physical anime and manga collection. I don’t have much anime, but it is slowly growing. As for my manga collection that is growing exponentially. Currently I have over 400 volumes and lot’s more pre-ordered hehe.

My goal is to review and talk about anime and manga. I’ll probably post those on Tuesday and/or Thursday. Then on Sundays I’ll post a thoughtful article that acts as a discussion, so I’d really appreciate comments to have an actual discussion.


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    1. It is, and thanks. However, that’s only a little section of my collection. Since the picture was taken I have collected a lot more. I’d say I own around 450+ volumes of manga. Maybe one day I’ll do a post about it.

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