Tokyo Ghoul Days Review


It’s hard to deny the immense popularity that Tokyo Ghoul holds. Not only did it have a successful manga run, but had two controversial anime seasons, a sequel manga series, and a few light novels. I’m usually wary of light novels based off manga series, simply because you wouldn’t think it would add that much to the franchise. Color me pink when I finished reading Tokyo Ghoul: Days and not only enjoyed it, but thought it gave a new dimensions to a few characters that inhabit the Tokyo Ghoul world.

This light novel doesn’t need a lot of background knowledge to read. If you have the basic idea of what Tokyo Ghoul is you should be okay, mainly because they quickly go over who each character in this novel is and how they relate to the Tokyo Ghoul story. If I had to say when this took place I’d say just before the first volume, and maybe some where in between the first few volumes too. At first fans of the manga might be confused where exactly these events would take place, but once you finished it you should have a good idea of where everything goes.

Days focuses on six individual characters, all having their own chapters. For the most part these chapters are just short stories that have no overarching plot, but you will find some chapters overlaying stories from other chapters in an effort to tell you when it took place. Characters that are presented in the story are Hideo, Touka, Tsukiyama, Ikuma, Hinami’s relationship with Touka and Kaneki, and Yoshida. Each story presents a moment in these character’s lives that reflect on who they are, and allows you to really understand these side characters.

My only real gripe I have with this collection is the way the stories are ordered. Some of them are really interesting, while others are just okay. I felt like the ones that were really good were put in the beginning while the ones that were interesting and okay were put towards the back. I’m sure that’s how the original Japanese version of this is ordered too, but for me it just didn’t leave an impact when I finished it.

Tokyo Ghoul Days is not required reading when it comes to the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, but it will expand upon some side characters and allows the reader to glimpse into characters in a different way than the manga would ever allow. In some instances it takes its time with the story, and your heart will go out to these passionate characters. For instance, the Hinami chapter was definitely the sweetest one while Hideo’s chapter really showed how loyal of a friend he is to Kaneki. For me, Days gives the reader another depth to these side characters and will have a bigger impact on readers who have read the manga. I will say that this was very much enjoyable and I’d recommend it to any fan of Tokyo Ghoul.



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