Yuri on Ice!! Review


I don’t think I’ve felt this much hype around a show since…I don’t know when. I haven’t been a seasonal anime viewer in a few years, and I didn’t plan on watching anything in the fall of last year, but holy cow if this wasn’t the most talked about anime of 2016 that I just had to check it out. Praises about it were being thrown left and right, hate was being generated when people started to realize that it may not portray a straight couple, and news sites have been talking about it non-stop with real life figure skaters commenting on this figure skating anime, as well as how much detail was put into it the show to be as accurate as possible. Heck even pole dancers were commenting on Yuri on Ice. I had no idea how this anime had generated so much hype, and it may just be lightning in a bottle, but Yuri on Ice is definitely an eye opener when it comes to anime.

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Tokyo Ghoul Days Review


It’s hard to deny the immense popularity that Tokyo Ghoul holds. Not only did it have a successful manga run, but had two controversial anime seasons, a sequel manga series, and a few light novels. I’m usually wary of light novels based off manga series, simply because you wouldn’t think it would add that much to the franchise. Color me pink when I finished reading Tokyo Ghoul: Days and not only enjoyed it, but thought it gave a new dimensions to a few characters that inhabit the Tokyo Ghoul world.

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