Digimon Adventure Tri- Confession


Warning: This Review will have SPOILERS!


The last film left off on a great cliffhanger. Meicoomon betrayed everyone, characters are confused and scared, and for the last two films this one finally feels like the tension is being released from what was really stressful character moments. This is basically the half way mark for the Adventure Tri films, and you can feel it as most of this film wraps up what Reunion and Determination were building to while also setting up a new status quo and finally starting to address the fact that the Adventure 02 Digidestined are missing.

I’m going to have to admit this, because I’m sure many fans have already gone through it, but this film was downright heartbreaking! I cried at points, and my heart broke more than once! If you are a Digimon fan this film will break you down to your core. The fact that the Digimon realize that to save everyone they will have to reboot the Digital World, and in essence kill themselves by erasing all their memories they’ve had with their partners, was the most tragic thing I think I’ve ever had to see from a Digimon property. These Digimon had to deal with the fact that they’re basically committing suicide and they decide to sacrifice themselves for their partners.


That happens relatively early in the film, and the rest of the film is just each Digimon having their last day with their partner. Never telling them what they’re up to, and just acting as if it’s another normal day for them is one of the reasons that I got so emotional during this film. You are watching the Digimon and partners having fun, having some of the best times of their lives, and you know in a few minutes (hours to them) that it will all be gone through tragedy. The fact that we, the audience, know what will happen and seeing the clueless looks of all the human characters only made it harder to watch at the end when everyone started to realize what was happening, and it became even more emotional when they met their partner Digimon again for the first time. The timing of revelation for each piece of information was done to perfection. It hit every note for me to cry like a baby multiple times.

This film balances walking the line between sadness, and melancholy bliss. On one hand you are having a great time with the Digimon bonding with their partners, but you can feel the dark shadow over over them getting heavier and heavier throughout the film. It feels like this film punched me in the gut multiple times, and I really don’t know what else to ask for as a fan, for this film gave me one of the best experiences I’ve had watching Digimon since I was a kid.


Other than the depressingly sweet goodbyes the Digimon were doing, the film starts to finally address some of the questions to the characters. Matt, I believe, is finally starting to understand that there is more going on than Nishijima and that woman are telling him. Characters are finally understanding that the Digidestined from Adventure 02 are gone. The whole reason the Digimon decide to reboot their world is because an infection is causing them to go savage, basically, and they do not want to hurt their friends. This virus is the catalyst for the Digimon to say their goodbyes while also showing the dedication Izzy is taking to save everyone.

Izzy is by far important to the plot and very involved in this episode on where the story is going, but it’s Tentomon who is the MVP of this movie. Tentomon is the only one not being infected by this virus, and while everyone else is being infected Tentomon digivolves into his mega form, and it is glorious. He is supremely powerful, but because he’s fighting his friends he’s taking a more defensive approach to handling them, meaning that he’s getting the shit kicked out of him constantly trying to save his friends as he tries with all his might to get them into the cube Izzy made so that they can keep their memories. This sequence is so good that you believe for just a second that it’ll succeed, but they don’t. It rips out your heart once again as you see how hard HerculesKabuterimon is trying to get everyone into that cube, and then he fails. A sickening silence sweeps over everyone.


When everyone goes into the Digital World to find their partners for the first time again, it’s heartbreaking. They don’t remember anything, and everyone is crying, and being all happy, and it’s just so touching. However, this also raises more questions. With the reboot every Digimon should have been reduced to their rookie levels, but we clearly see two Royal Knights duking it out. Not only that, but Meicoomon still has her memories, and Gennai apparently has something to do with everything? So many questions have raised that you will crave the next film.

Overall, Confession was the best love letter you could give to long time  Digimon fans while also progressing your major plotline going through all these films. Some stuff have been resolved, but more questions have been raised. Many emotional scenes will make any fan cry, and above all else Confession is the best way to wrap up what has already happened while getting into the second half of this film series.



3 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure Tri- Confession

  1. I must admit, I thought that this one was the best of the Tri films thus far (And I really liked the first two). I absolutely loved the moment when HerculesKabuterimon failed to get them into the cube, because you could see it coming as the countdown ticked away. It was like you go from, of course he’ll manage it, to he’s cutting it close, but he’ll do it, to He’s not not going to do it, is he? and finally … I can’t believe it … he failed … But then, Digimon ahs always been great at hitting you hard with stuff IMO. Look at the whole thing with Tailmon/Gatomon and Wizarmon/Wizardmon in the first two seasons, or pretty the entire second half of Tamers. The whole franchise is fantastic at dealing with emotional issues.

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