My Collection: My Story


Total Manga Count: ~490

A while ago one of my readers asked if I would do a post all about my collection. At the time I had a lot on my plate and was in the middle of doing many reviews, however, recently I’ve been on a break. I’ve been wanting to really get into anime, but when you’re trying to juggle life sometimes that just doesn’t happen. So, to make up for my absents, and to do something fun, I thought I’d finally make a post on my collection and how I started. Enjoy.

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SAO v3 Review


When it came to the anime I was one of those people in the minority that actually preferred the ALO arc over the SAO arc, and I always heard people claiming their case on why ALO is bad, but I never truly understood. Picking up this Light Novel I figured maybe I’ll get a little more insight into why people have such a hated passion towards it, but to my delight this volume just proves my point even more, and I’ll even say that I enjoyed this more than the anime adaptation.

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