The Curious Case of Dub vs Sub


There isn’t an anime fan that hasn’t heard it before, or participated in a debate. When adapting a piece of material that is culturally different from yours it will always be inferior to the original, just like movie adaptations of books, and reboots of classic movies, but especially anime. For some reason the anime fandom has had this unending war on whether or not Dub is better than Sub, or vise versa, and for some strange reason you have to pick a side. Well, as someone who’s been on both sides I decided to try and unravel this impending Pandora’s box.

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I Am a Hero Vol 1 Review


I am a Hero came as a surprise to me. It was marketed as the best zombie manga ever made, it was getting critical attention, and no matter what people said about it they always associated the story with zombies. As somebody who hates zombies I couldn’t find any reason to pick this up, but alas I did, and I’m very grateful for that blind buy.

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