Giganto Maxia Review


A wonderful one-shot by the creator of Berserk.

As someone who hasn’t read Berserk yet, I decided to pick up Kentaro Miura’s one-shot manga Giganto Maxia to see what I could expect out of that mega hit. To my astonishment I was blown away with how creative, and imaginative, this Science Fiction/Fantasy story is. From the first page you can feel like this story takes place inside an Epic, and that’s only reinforced over and over again in each chapter. The world is vast, barren, and on the verge of death. Giant creatures wonder around and serve under an evil king. A hero emerges as an outsider to a village. So many classic themes and story beats are used in this one-shot to make it worth every penny. You’ll enjoy the story until its end, you’ll fall in love with the art and beautifully crafted panels, and once you finished you’ll cry because there isn’t more.

As a taste for what Kenta Miura can do I thought this story was solid. However, I can’t deny that its completely original. Every story beat in it comes from one Epic or another, and it’s pretty easy to guess where the story is going, but I found myself enjoying the ride more than thinking I knew what the ending could be. There’s a fascinating level on evolution, great world building in only select pieces of dialogue, and just a lot of work to make this stand alone story feel like it could be never ending.

I will say that many people will most likely compare Giganto Maxia to Attack on Titan, and to that I’ll say yes a part of this story does feel like Attack on Titan, but it doesn’t feel like a rip off. In fact it just feels like another interpretation, one that inhabits a lot of creative decisions, and I’ll guarantee you that after that first few pages you won’t even associate the two.

Like I said earlier, this story feels gigantic, and Epic. The biggest crime of this one-shot is that there won’t be more of it. At the end I really wanted to see this story continue, because, if anything, it felt like we only got a simple glimpse of this fantastical world, and I’d be number one in line if this series ever did continue.

Overall, you’ll have loads of fun with this story. The characters have stereotypes that everyone has seen many times, but underneath it you can feel a sense of maturity to their decisions. The art is spectacular, and since it’s only one volume I highly recommend people to go out and treat themselves to something great.



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