Black Butler: Book of Circus Review


Episodes: 10

Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures


While this is considered the third season of the Black Butler franchise you don’t have to watch seasons one and two to understand this. In fact, I’d say that you should start with this season for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that there are no fillers in this, from episode one to episode ten it’s all pulled from the manga and therefore the story has a constant flow that will have the viewer on the edge of their seat. Another reason why I’d always suggest this as the gateway into Black Butler is the simple fact that it’s new viewer friendly, and it does a much better job at introducing exactly what this property is very well.


The first episode allows new people to get a flavor for what exactly this show is, while it also allows long time fans to bask in the awesomeness.

From that point on the show centers around a mystery involving kidnapped children and a circus. Ciel, our main character, and his butler Sebastian get an order from the Queen to investigate. The information that we are given is thoughtfully placed as the viewer keeps guessing who’s the good guys, and which ones are actually in on it, but as each episode goes by you start to realize that there’s something even sinister going on in the background.

This is definitely a tragic tale, but this is also how I believe anime should be made; in short bursts/seasons to tell the best story they can from the source material, and damn it all this is a perfect story! I’m not joking, I really can’t find anything bad to say about this. The characters were all introduced well, and we got to learn more about them as the story progressed. When it came to the mystery it gave us important information at the right times, and still had plenty of shock and surprises up to the very last second of the season. The animation was spot on, and sexy, and the opening and ending themes of this season are some of the best themes I’ve seen in all of anime.


What I really love about this season is the fact that it started out so lighthearted and fun, but as the episodes went on it got darker and darker until the final reveal at the end and then you’re shouting “what the fuck!” at your screen because it gets down right brutal. The music really helps in this, and aids in the suspense that is strongly inserted into this season.

Because this is such a short series, and in my opinion perfect, there isn’t a whole lot for me to talk about. If you like the darkness, supernatural, mystery, and gore then I’d say definitely check out Black Butler Book of Circus. You can finish it in a few days and if you liked it enough you can go back and watch seasons one and two. I promise you won’t regret watching this.


+ Character introduction and setup are masterful

+ New viewer friendly that also gives more backstory to Ciel for long time fans

+ Animation and music

+ Masterfully tells a great story that has a beginning, middle, and end




11 thoughts on “Black Butler: Book of Circus Review

  1. dailywritingjunk

    The second season used to be my favorite, then this one topped it! I still need to check out the detective one, I think it’s called Book of Murder


    1. Book of Murder is really good, I’m going to rewatch it soon and put out a review for it this month I think. And yeah, I thought the first season was okay, the second season I really liked, and then this comes out of nowhere and I absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dailywritingjunk

        I used to like the first season, then I thought it was bad compared to the second season and now with Circus I just want to scratch the first season *sigh*


      2. dailywritingjunk

        I’ll definitely be waiting to read that 🙂 which reminds me, I also need to read and review it soon…it’s been on my to-do list since a few months back…


  2. I love this arc in the manga, and I was so excited when it was made into anime so I watched it right away. . .well, after I waited for all the episodes to be released. Didn’t wait long so it was good. I’m a fan of Black Butler, so I’ll watch it, fillers and all. But anyway, I agree with you that if potential watchers don’t want to watch any fillers, they should start with this one, or just read the manga. I loved the season 2 of this show, which a LOT of fans hated, but oh well. That’s their opinion and their business, not mine. Anyway, it’s nice that you featured this show. It’s very tragic and bloody, but still very good. And of course. . .lots of hot guys. . .and hot girls. . .and did I mention the hot guys?


    1. lol lots of hot guys. I’m actually one of those rare people who do like S2. I thought it was far better and more interesting than S1. S1 was all atmosphere to me while S2 actually tackled plot and character.

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      1. High-five! Yay for season 2. I agree. And I loved the ending of Season 2. Ciel becoming a demon can be really interesting twist. Perhaps the mangaka should consider that as the series’ ending? Hmmm. Just a thought.


      2. Same here. It’s just interesting is what I think. Besides if the mangaka copied season 2’s ending, then she might be accused of being unoriginal or worse ripping off the anime’s ending.


  3. Book of Circus is a great lead in to people unfamiliar with Black Butler. I love that it gave us another outing with some of our favourite characters and yet didn’t feel meaningless. Thanks for sharing.

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