My Wife is the Student Council President! Anime Review


Episodes: 12

Animation Studio: Seven


When it comes to anime there are many different genres to choose from. You could get the laid back slice of life story, or the adrenaline junkie’s action with thousands upon thousands of power-ups, or you could stay in for a night and enjoy a show with the lights off….Sadly, the last category is exactly where this show lies and even then it doesn’t do a very good job.

This is an eight minute episode short series that sounded interesting in premise but came out exactly how I feared it would, but to be honest it’s mostly my fault in thinking it could be any more than smexy time. Speaking of smexy time, this anime has two different versions, one censored and one uncensored. If I had to choose one, and I did, I’d recommend you watch the uncensored one, because the show put so much effort into animating da bewbs it feels kind of pointless to watch a show that covers up the only reason it was made.


My Wife is the Student Council President is riddled with cliche’s from the main girl’s mother not only being “hot,” but also looks like a seven year old, to parents who urge their young kids to do it non-stop. This series covers basically every anime fetish cliche you can think of, and in every episode it is mandatory to see dem bewbs and watch these two kids almost do it numerous times.

The biggest shock to me is that I found this anime on Crunchyroll, uncensored. O.O

While I would love to just rip this anime to shreds I can’t deny that there generally is good moments in this show. I was surprised to see that on more than one occasion it looked like the show was going to act mature and actually give the viewer something to really learn and take away from these episodes, but they always destroy that moment by making a lewd joke.


Do not go into this series thinking you’ll get more than fanservice. There are definitely times where it looks like the series could be more meaningful than the bewbs of the week show, but ultimately this is a pleasure show that knows what it is and constantly pulls all the anime cliches it can get. The only real surprising thing about this show is the fact that it gets to near hentai at times. I was shocked at how far they went in some episodes, while others I merely face palmed. If you like boobs, fanservice, and all the anime cliches that sadly make anime uber popular then I’d say watch this in all its uncensored glory. If not I took one for the team for ya.


+ Almost meaningful scenes

+ Only eight minutes per episode

– Bewbs, then characters

– All the animation effort went into the H scenes

– Cliches everywhere

– Pointless long title because its a trend


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