Skip Beat! Anime Review


Episodes: 25

Animation Studio: Hal Film Maker


Wow! I haven’t had so much fun with a character in a long time, and Kyoko has been such a blast to watch. In anime, the girls always tend to be very cutesy and sort of a dunce with gravity defying boobs, but Kyoko just brakes out of her shell and is like a demon of independence. She’s really strong, determined, and has a don’t give a fuck attitude towards things that would only bring her down.

What shocked me the most when watching this was the fact that I didn’t really care for the love story. Kyoko gets her heart broken in the first episode, and what’s great is that she isn’t going to look for that next special someone. Not even by the end of the series she doesn’t fall in love with anyone, but somebody does fall for her 😉


Actually, what melted my heart more than the love story should have was the relationship between Moko and Kyoko. Those two discovering that they aren’t too different, and learning that there are more to them than what’s on the surface, really got me excited seeing them connect and form their friendship. Honestly, I want the show to be all about these two. Their chemistry worked so well, and Moko is criminally underutilized in this series.

When they did start to develop the romance part of the show I was seriously disappointed. It didn’t feel natural. It felt forced. And it wasn’t until the last episode that I was starting to get on board with the future pairing. I do think it’s awesome that Kyoko doesn’t have a thought in her brain on getting a new boyfriend, and then the person that does fall for her is now going to try and get her and she has no idea! God, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!! However, this show does not leave off on a satisfactory note. In fact it doesn’t even really have an ending, like a lot of anime the plot is up in the air and it ends before the actual conflict is resolved. Anime only watchers will be rolling around on the ground in rage that it left off on that note and the only way you’ll get to know what happens is to go read the manga. Why there is no season 2 after all these years I have no idea, but if there ever is going to be one I’ll be there on day one.


Overall, the story started off as average, and really only had Kyoko to carry the show for a while, but eventually it gets into hints of her traumatizing past and finally getting a friend of her own were the moments that had me turn to putty. The romance was a huge stretch at the beginning, but once the show ended I was totally on board. The story does have a few moments that made me question why the story was going down this way, like a previous actor claiming Kyoko should be fired even though she doesn’t have that power. Ultimately, I had a lot of fun with this show, but be warned that there isn’t a concrete ending.


+ Girlmance

+ Kyoko’s inner demons

+ Comedy

– Forced romance starter

– Some questionable story moments to get from A to B

– Constant “She hasn’t acted much so she must suck” egos going around


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