The Curious Case of Super Saiyan Hair…


Now I wasn’t originally going to post anything until my romance month that’s coming up, but I had the strangest idea that probably has the biggest coincidence of all anime theories that could be speculated that I just had to throw it out there. Basically, in this post I’ll be talking about the Super Saiyan transformations (1,2,3,God, SSG, and even 4,5) and relating them to something that puts a new light on the actual Saiyan evolution.

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Blog update + New Years Resolution

Hello, hello! It has been a long time since I’ve updated my blog, and I just wanted to say that it will be a tad bit longer before I really put anything up. I decided to this month off and just binge read/watch anime and manga to build up my database. I will then start putting out my posts once a week starting February. I really hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year, and I have some really fun stuff planned for the upcoming months. As a little tease for being such wonderful, patient readers, I’ll tell you my special plans for February. Since it’s the month of love I decided to review different types of romance anime. The first week will be just a regular romance show, then I’ll do a yaoi one, then a yuri the next week ending the month with a genderbent anime. I already know what I’m reviewing for the romance and yaoi anime, but sadly I don’t really know too many gender benders or yuri shows so if anyone has any suggestions I’d be more than happy to look into them 😀 Once again I think I had a pretty good starting year, so I’d like to step up my game for 2016. I don’t think I’ll post anything else for January, but come February I’ll be back with a force so I hope you all will forgive me for taking so much time off. Happy New Year everyone 😀