Free Spirit Award: Anime Do’s and Don’ts


Anime Do’s and Don’ts…..what a fun topic.

Let’s see, I think I’ll start with anime Don’ts:


  • Have a weak character that whines for the whole series
  • A romance where the characters don’t gather their courage until the end
  • leave a cliffhanger when you know the series won’t be renewed
  • Only focus on power-ups and claiming it’s character development
  • Evil for being Evil’s sake
  • Nosebleeds
  • careful with characters, too many and you won’t be able to develop all of them, or you’ll alienate fans of a certain character.
  • Die in the game you die in real life, and no one dies….
  • recap episodes, unless it’s a long running series and it’s a look back on a character who’s dying


  • Overarching story than stand alone episodes
  • Long running, but doesn’t overstay its welcome
  • Improves on the source material
  • Let the villain have an arc as much as your hero
  • side characters develop too

Aaaaand BAM! That’s all I got, hope this was interesting.


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