Why it’s the Best Time to be a Manga/Anime Fan!

Sorry this isn’t one of my promised horror reviews, but what’s happening with those is that I’ll be only reviewing two series based on my unexpected hectic schedule, but I really wanted to post something positive since I’ve been having an intense argument with an anime fan and they just cheesed me off too much.

Okay, so you may be wondering why exactly this is the best time to be a fan of manga, anime, or even light novels, and the answer is quite simple. For some reason or another, Manga and Anime is getting more popular. No idea how or why, but because of this companies are taking chances that I would never have dreamed. Take Yen Press. It was pretty much a no named company that really had Black Butler and maybe a few other series that were sort of well known, but now they dominate the light novel world and are grabbing titles I never would have thought would even be translated. And, to be frank, I actually prefer Yen Press over Viz at this point, because they have such a diverse catalog that can appeal to any fan, while Viz keeps publishing popular shonen that gets old real fast.


Don’t get me wrong, Viz is doing a stellar job too, I mean they’re publishing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a title I thought would never make it state side. The other companies too are gaining steam. Kodansha is nailing it with their recent grabs, and Dark Horse is still practically the only company that would touch the really obscure adult manga (Gantz, Blade of the Immortal).

Because these companies are grabbing more titles, the inventory of manga coming over is now at the most diverse, interesting bunch of titles that I’ve ever seen. Viz is publishing Tokyo Ghoul, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and One-Punch Man (a title that was originally digital only). Kodansha is publishing Inuyashiki, Vinland Saga, A Silent Voice. Yen Press has Prison School, Black Butler, and Karneval. Heck their light novel line up includes Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and Spice & Wolf! Just these titles alone are all unique and different. But you know what’s really exciting? What’s to come. Let’s check out a few of the ones I got my eye on shall we?

  1. Princess Jellyfish- A girl obsessed with Jellyfish meets one of the most fashionable woman she has ever met. For some reason the woman takes an interest in her and helps her out of her troubles. Come morning the girl finds out that the woman she met was actually a man in drag and-boom!- an odd friendship forms as this cross dressing boy helps out an all female boarding building with their troubles.princess_jellyfish8
  2. Planetes- A reprint from Dark Horse, A space epic about love, lost, and well….space!                                                               planetes-946616
  3. Yowamushi Pedal- just your average geeky high schooler who runs into the cycling club and somehow joins them only to learn his love for cycling. A kooky cast of characters surround him as he finally makes friends and expresses his love for…girly songs.                         49bc8701f99ae51061d586004aa54270_34_280x0
  4. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LN)- One of the most epic of Space Opera epics. Intergalactic mind games become intrigue as this mega-hit series actually gets printed!                                                                                                legend_of_the_galactic_heroes_desktop_2121x1326_hd-wallpaper-528986
  5. I Am a Hero- when a zombie outbreak occurs in Japan it’s up to one unlikely guy to survive the apocalypse, why? Because he has the most rarest of weapons, a firearm!                                           I_am_a_Hero
  6. Kuroko no Basketball- A dream team of middle schoolers ruled the basketball court, but now one of the legendary players shows up and teams up with an unlikely ally so that he can now destroy his old team.Volume_1
  7. Haikyu!!-Volleyball, cuteness, what more could you ask for??6743_haikyuu

Let’s be all serious here, how many of you actually thought these titles ever stood a chance getting licensed and translated? I sure didn’t, especially not Princess Jellyfish, but let me tell you this is astounding! How different do these titles sound from one another? How insanely popular, even in their tiny niches, are these titles? I personally can’t control my excitement and that doesn’t just stop there. In the anime world we’re getting better dubs, blu-rays (which always makes animation look gorgeous), and more content coming over. Even if you don’t like dubs they almost always have the Japanese audio with subtitles so you can even buy your favorite series! I believe this is just the beginning, but I sure as hell am glad that I was able to witness this revolution. When I first started getting int anime and manga it was nothing. I just had me and my friends, and if anyone found out I’d be classified as a weirdo. Now it’s almost as if it’s cool to like anime and read manga!

Tell me if you agree, and if you’ve read any of the titles I’ve listed. Or, did I sway you to try something new? Leave your thoughts in the comment section 😀


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