The Secret of the Seal Review


Have you ever watched a movie in your childhood that meant so much to you, but while you grew up it disappeared from your thoughts, only to return in full nostalgia overload when you finally rediscover it again? That’s what this movie is to me. When I was a kid, there were these magical places called video rental stores, and I would go there constantly to get my favorite cartoons on VHS and having a blast at watching them, rewinding them, and then watching them again. The Secret of the Seal was one of those special films that just hit me in that special place as a kid, and I watched it over and over and probably rented it more times than I can remember.

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Why it’s the Best Time to be a Manga/Anime Fan!

Sorry this isn’t one of my promised horror reviews, but what’s happening with those is that I’ll be only reviewing two series based on my unexpected hectic schedule, but I really wanted to post something positive since I’ve been having an intense argument with an anime fan and they just cheesed me off too much.

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Tokyo Ghoul Vol 1-2 (Ch 1-19) Review


Holy shit it’s been ages since I posted! Gasp! I’m really sorry, because I feel like I abandoned my blog when I was trying to watch my horror anime 😦 Sadly the first anime on my list to review for this month is really slow and at this point I’m just not enjoying it enough, so instead of wasting my time on that I’m moving onto my next anime (which is longer) so I’m not sure when I’ll finally start those reviews. But I feel bad for leaving all my readers in the dark for so long that I decided to do a quick manga review on the first two volumes of Tokyo Ghoul!

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