Aoharu x Kinkanju Review


Released: 2015

Episodes: 12

Animation Studio: Brian’s Base

Hotaru, a girl who likes to dress as a guy, has a strong sense of justice. Whenever she sees someone breaking the rules, or doing something indecent she kicks it up into gear and summons her unnaturally physics bending strength and punishes the wicked with her justice. Unfortunately for her, she misinterprets a situation and now owes Masumune  money and is forced to join a survival game team to take off the debt, but did she ever think she’d enjoy shooting at people so much?

After watching the first episode I will admit that I was really intrigued with this anime. If I had to say what this anime was like at that time I’d say something like “This is Ouran Host Club with guns” which sounds awesome, but sadly they quickly dismiss the host section and focuses on team bonding and shooting people as we learn about survival games and Hotaru’s growing interest in them.


The first six episodes are really nice. It feels refreshing with a strong female protagonist, who dresses like a guy no less which leads to a few Yaoi fanservice and one Yuri fanservice scenes 😀 ! I always love a show that can play with gender roles, but sadly my feelings toward this anime drops considerably when it became apparent that Masamune doesn’t allow girls on his team, and everyone thinking Hotaru is a boy only makes her go into an angsty subplot where she has to fight her inner thoughts on telling her teammates that she’s a he and worrying what they’d think of her. I really thought they could have done that in a few episodes, three at max, but the fact that it is very dominant in the second half of the anime really irks me.

The characters are fun, like I said earlier they like to put Hotaru in funny situations when most everyone thinks of her as a guy, and one situation between her friend, who knows she’s a girl, and everyone thinks “he” is confessing to his friend. Masamune is the leader and a hot that sort of has a child like quality to him even though he is older. The same goes for the third member of the team, Yukimura. He and Masamune are older than Hotaru, which really interested me in a sea of High School anime, and he’s a famous manga artist who specializes in “adult” manga.

But what really makes the show are the battles. Like any other battle anime, the animation is done really well and you’re rooting for Hotaru to fuck them all up, because once she deems someone as evil she puts on her “Your fucked!” face and attacks with unnatural speed and agility that scares the shit out of her opponents. The fights are very tactful, and really engrosses you into their world.


The last episode, don’t worry I won’t spoil it, really made me want to continue with the series, but also infuriated me with how they went about the ending. The whole “should I tell them, should I not tell them” inner conflict that Hotaru has been feeling through the whole series (I’m assuming it won’t get another season) finally concludes and I’m appalled that they actually went that route. But what really irks me is the fact that they quickly put in a flash of Masamune’s past and why he has a tough time connecting with people and I’m screaming at my screen saying “You don’t just put that in the last episode for a few seconds!! You need to develop that damnit!” and ultimately the last episode felt like the people behind this was like “oh, time to finish up let’s just throw all this in.”

I will say that this anime is worth a watch if you’re interested in a short series, but when you really think about this anime if it wasn’t for Hotaru this would be so average. After the first few episodes you could guess how they were going to end the series and what everyone’s role in the whole thing is and I’m sure you’d get it right. However, Hotaru just steals the show and was the biggest motivation for me to keep watching.


Pros                                      Cons

-Hotaru                                   -Predictable

-Fights                                    -Most likely no next season

-Misunderstandings          -Love or hate it ending

                                                 -On the verge of average


2 thoughts on “Aoharu x Kinkanju Review

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    1. Thank you for the offer, but as it is right now my schedule just isn’t right to team up with someone on a collaborative blog. I don’t have much time to watch and read the manga/anime I’m interested in.


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