Aoharu x Kinkanju Review


Released: 2015

Episodes: 12

Animation Studio: Brian’s Base

Hotaru, a girl who likes to dress as a guy, has a strong sense of justice. Whenever she sees someone breaking the rules, or doing something indecent she kicks it up into gear and summons her unnaturally physics bending strength and punishes the wicked with her justice. Unfortunately for her, she misinterprets a situation and now owes Masumune  money and is forced to join a survival game team to take off the debt, but did she ever think she’d enjoy shooting at people so much?

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One-Punch Man Vol 1-2 Review


Wow, so it’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog, and I’ll have to curse school for that since it started back up this week. Sadly, it seems that this year is the first year where I’ll have less free time than I thought, so with a heavy heart it seems like I’ll only be able to post on the weekends, and only once a week for the forseeable future. Anyway that’s my update, but what you’re really drooling about I bet is the fact that this review is about One-Punch Man!!! One of the best manga out there, finally, on the shelves that you can buy and just geekgasm over.

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