Real Neat Blog Award Nominations by Keatle, Mirrorpurple, ChibiMajo and Somethingaboutllynlyn

The awards are strong with this one!

the limitless imagination


Seeing that this award hasn’t been going around for some time now, I have decided to revive the appearance of this icon on WordPress Reader yet again  by …. clearing my award posts debt!! I apologise that I have taken 1.5 months to do a reply post on this, but I always save these posts for times when I feel more restless and less focused on studying, and I need some therapeutic, informal writing to save me from going gradually insane. Hence, you guys just saved me! xD

This also reminds me … I also need to return to reviews because I also realised that I haven’t been doing reviews for A VERY LONG TIME. Its ironic because this blog was supposed to be dedicated to that.

Anyways, I would like to thank Keatle, mirrorpurple, chibimajo and somethingaboutlynlyn for nominating me for the award 🙂

Rules of the Real Neat…

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