My Hero Academia vol 1 First Impressions


After Naruto ended there were two series that everybody was saying would take up that mantle; Black Clover, and My Hero Academia. What do I say? Why should there be another Naruto? My Hero Academia (MHA) skyrocketed to fame, probably all the Naruto fans jumping on board, and I will admit it piqued my interest. Here was one of those few series that looks like it’s more inspired by American comics, than Japanese, and with that in mind I totally understand why American anime fans that only watch Naruto, or read, would jump onto MHA.

So, to take it to the beginning, MHA is about a world where superpowers are basically common place. Everyone has their own quirk, and what we dreamed once of being superheroes, we can now be a superhero as a profession. Izuku dreams of being a hero, his idol is the world famous All Might! Unfortunately, he is part of the small percent that doesn’t have a quirk, therefore he is picked on. After tangling himself up with a villain that All Might was battling, All Might reveals who he is and decides to give his power to Izuku. Now, Izuku has to learn to control his new powers and attend the High School that can train him into being a hero.

Now, month back I decided to check this out because my subscription to shonen jump was putting this in their issues, and I will admit that it was a drag to read. It took me so long to read the first ten chapters, and all I thought was “Uhg another chapter.” However, the author of MHA did one of my favorite series that was sadly canceled, Barrage. I think he has great skills, his art is really good, and his ideas are right out there that just intrigues you. Because of that alone, I decided to support him and buy volumes 1 of MHA and give it another shot.

With that out of the way, I have very similar thoughts about it now. The first two chapters are a mess. Don’t get me wrong, everything in those two chapters are important, but he crammed so much in those two chapters so he could get to the good stuff. The pacing felt rushed, reading it was like running through mud, and after finishing chapter two I had to really motivate myself to read chapter three.

Chapter three starts off being better. The pacing feels like it slowed down and is now taking it at a nice speed, the characters are starting to feel a bit more real, and we start to learn more about possible villains, and fellow heroes. His goes through until chapter seven, and then volume one ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger.

If I was trying to get someone into manga, I’d probably say to check this out. It’s not as weird and cultural heavy as other manga, and it has something that Americans can relate to, superheroes. Unfortunately, one volumes in, seven chapters in, MHA is incredibly average. I’m very sad to say that, because I really like the author. I think he has incredible potential and MHA will probably be the next biggest hit. It has stuff that I’ve seen everywhere and all the time, I feel like I need to know more of the characters before I can actually start liking them. MHA has tons of little things I really like (like All Might’s true form) and the comedy it did have was stuff that teens would laugh at. I can see some potential in this series, but the beginning is definitely a rough road to go down, I can only hope that volume two changes my mind, because regardless of what I thought of this volume, I’m totally willing to try volume two when it comes out in November.


+ Powers

+ little details

+ Art

– First two chapters nearly made me drop it

– tons of cliches

– Underdeveloped characters

– Nothing to bring me back

Also, as a last tidbit, was I the only one who thought that she was bearing her butt for all to see? It took me so long to figure out she was just wearing spandex XD



2 thoughts on “My Hero Academia vol 1 First Impressions

  1. You definitely weren’t the only one who thought she was naked there haha (especially with the rather suggestive speech bubble there Dx. I only realised she wasn’t when you explained it.

    Thanks for the review by the way, I’d heard about boku no hero for a while now and I was wondering if it was any good or not 😉


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