Redline Review

Redline 2009 4_zpsyzb8dnxo

Animation Studio: Madhouse

Running Time: 102 minutes

Rated: M (Language, Violence, Boobs)

Redline takes place in the far future where cosmic racing is taken to the extreme. People power up their cars with guns, weapons, and an assortment of wacky gadgets you’d find in say speed racer. They go so fast that sometimes they get nose bleeds and the G forces pulling on them are insane that their bodies elongate. Redline is one of those films where the story may be simple, but it will give your eyes the best orgasm they have ever felt!

Out of all the Anime movies that I have seen, there are two that I respect so much; Steamboy, which I did a review on already, and Redline. Redline took seven years to make, and from what I understand it is all hand drawn. If you ever watched the film you’d be going “what!” because it’s insane what they did with animation. So many scenes I have to remind myself, this is hand drawn, then I’d have to ask, how the hell did they even draw this. The action is explosive, the animation is draw dropping, and this is probably one of the few films that pretty much everyone will say it’s more an experience.

When I say the animation is amazing, I mean I haven’t seen so much dedication to it before. I’ve never seen colors used quite like this, it’s as if they transcended colors. They’re all bright and pop right off the screen just to invade your eyes! And the background? They actually have people moving. There’s this one scene at the beginning where it’s a birds eye view of the crowd and I swear every single dot is moving. Whether it’s someone moving their body, another eating/drinking, or just some creature walking by, the frame barely ever has nobody doing nothing in it.


Everyone would probably agree with me that the plot isn’t that deep or complicated, it’s very simple. Although that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. In fact, it allowed them to focus on the animation and wild designs and ideas that were used. Not only is this a spectacle to see, but everything is so creative from planets, to creatures, to the cars.

Now let me make this clear; Redline isn’t just a fun action race, it’s also a love story. Redline has a super intense race at the beginning, pauses to introduce all the characters and advance the love plotlines, and then goes into the final epic race that holds multiple surprises where you may just jump out of your seat and go “WTF!!”

Overall, Redline is an experience every anime fan, or animation fan for that matter, should watch before they die. The colors, animation, action are all stellar and above a lot of stuff that are released now. Sure there isn’t much of a plot, but everyone deserves to turn off their brain for a while, because what this film does right it does fantastically right.


+ Animation

+ Races

+ Dub (I’ve only seen it in dub, but it’s very good)

– Simple plot


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