My Top 15 Anime Openings!

So if you’ve been hooked by the anime bug, then I bet at some point you went on YouTube, iTunes, or any other place and put on your favorite opening song to that special anime that you love. I’ve been there, and with great anime coming each season it’s been really hard for me to make a list. Initially I wanted 10, but I kept adding, and adding, until I got to 15 and I was like “ENOUGH! I gotta cut it” So without further ado, here is my top 15 anime openings. To be fair, my list will not have more than one opening from each anime, one opening per anime.

(I apologize if I misspelled, put the wrong name, or did something else wrong. Openings are not my strong suit).

15. Heavenly Blue -Aldnoah. Zero


This one took a while for me to understand it. At first I thought it was boring, and I’d easily skip it, but as the series rose in popularity and praised this opening, I started to listen more carefully. And my god, this song is epic! It’s angelic and really suits this series.

14.  Hit in the USA -Beck


This is such a great series, and to really get you into the mindset it starts off in one of the most feel good openings that you’ll ever see (well there is one better at my number 2 spot). It sets up the pacing, tone, and style of the series really well.

13. re:member -Naruto op 8

Jinch riki

This was the first opening that I actually replayed over and over, and one where I’d look up the lyrics and sing along with my family giving me weird looks from the other room XD

12. Believe -One Piece op 2

one_piece_anime_key_art (1)

Initially I had op 5, because I love that so much, but after listening to all (most) of the openings again I got to admit that I think this is the best. It’s definitely the one that gives the most impact, and the funimation dub of it wasn’t that bad either.

11. Understar -Hajime no Ippo op 1

hajime_no_ippo_takamura_gif_by_protul hajime_no_ippo_takamura_gif_by_protul

(I’ve been having a ton of trouble with these gifs, if you can’t see them just click on them)

Hajime no Ippo is one of the best motivational animes that makes you want to get up and do something positive in your life. The first opening of this really nails the inner struggle to be stronger and the will to get up after being knocked down, and no I’m not talking about Tubthumping.

10. What’s up People? -Death Note op 2


This is one of the most F-ed up openings I have ever heard, and I fell in love with it instantly. This opening really shows you how much tension and suspense is in this dark show. What seems really weird to people, is the fact that I actually enjoy screamo, so don’t be surprised if you get another awesome one like What’s up People on this list!

9. Die Flugel Der Freiheit -Attack on Titan op 2

Attack-on-TitanWhile I do love the first opening, it was this one that really captured the historic heroism that captures the tense and haunting tone of the series. I’d definitely listen to this more than the first opening. It lulls you into a false calmness, before going hauntingly berserk.

8. Prison School


Boobs, Prison, Raunchy goodness that makes you laugh. This opening captures this series perfectly, and the seriousness it brings really makes Gakuto’s struggles that much more dramatic.

7. Thrill, Shock, Suspense -Detective Conan op 8


One of my favorite anime, and it has over 30 openings to it. Thrill, Shock, suspense is one of the most catchiest songs ever, and you just can’t help but try out Conan’s dance moves as he grooves it!

6. Clattanoia -Overlord


Spinning out of probably the best anime this summer, Overlord brings the feels and crazy metal to the next extreme as badass meets badass in this epic sound consortium! I have no idea what I’m saying XD

5. Ohayou -Hunter x Hunter op 1


Now, I’m sure everyone knows about Hunter x Hunter, but I’m not talking about the 2011 remake. Before Madhouse shocked everyone and catapulted into one of the best studios, there was an anime from 1999. Now, this one was super duper hard to pick, because the 90’s Hunter x Hunter had great openings that floods me with nostalgia. But overall, I think I had to choose Ohayou, because every time I listen to it I just well up with emotions. I get so nostalgic and the song is so beautiful to showcase friendship and just a happy go lucky adventure *sniff* just do yourself a favor and listen to it. Then after that, listen to the others T.T

4. Existence -Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis


One of the most badass anime to come out of last year. This opening nails it and boy does it deliver. If you have never heard of this anime do yourself justice by listening to the opening, and then watch it because damn~ does studio MAPPA put itself on the…well map with this.

3. Chemistry -Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood op 4


A lot of people may disagree with this one, but I love this to death. I mean once I see the beginning my eyes just start to get watery. It’s one of the most emotional pieces to this anime and T.T I’m already tearing up.

2. Drivers High -GTO op 1

download (1)

The definition of feel good anime, having the best feel good song. If you’re ever having a bad day just put this on and get the feels. After listening to it a few times you’ll calm down, or feel better. Onizuka is the type of guy who lives to the fullest and doesn’t give a F- what people think of him. Also, the very last image of this opening is something that I would love to try. It just looks so damn carefree and fun!

1. Enamel -Black Butler: Book of Circus


Now this surprised the hell out of me. I’ll do a review of this anime, because honestly it’s perfect. I always leave the opening on when watching an episode, and the animation and clues to the season are brilliantly done, juxtaposed to awesome stunts being performed. This is my go to opening to listen to in any mood I’m in, during any time of the day. Let’s play it!

Thank you all for taking the time to look and listen to my very long list. Comment on what your list is like, see if there are any differences or similarities, and at some point I’ll put up my top 15 or 10 favorite closings of anime! YAY! Also, you all eanred 500 exp, and leveled up by 2!


3 thoughts on “My Top 15 Anime Openings!

  1. I have three anime openings I could jam to all day:

    3. Database: Log Horizon.

    Now, this one is great because it really changes your perception of the entire series. If it was just Stuck-In-an-MMORPG fantasy, great. But Database as a song gave a very, albeit extremely awesome, illuminating view of the predicament they’re in. They’re trapped in a video game that sucks the memories out of them the more they die. Like the song says; “Doesn’t even matter if there is no hope, as the madness of the system grows.”

    2. Romantic Summer: My Bride is a Mermaid.

    Besides being a song I can enjoy for hours on end, it sets the chaotic tone of how it’s going to be for the rest of the series. At first, it looks like a cute little romance anime, until you see the main love interest’s father trying to kill the main protagonist…yeah. It truly gets you ready for the absolute hilarity that is about to ensue in the next 21-24 minutes.

    1. Hacking to the Gate: Steins;Gate

    Ignoring the fact that Steins;Gate is my absolute favorite anime of all time, Hacking to the Gate is in of itself a great song that gets you hyped for some sci fi. Not only does it give the inner monologue of the main character, but the opening visuals show you how out of control the show really gets. It starts off pretty tame, but then all of the visuals start freaking out, as if time were basically collapsing. It could not only listen to, but watch this opening forever.

    And those are among my favorite anime opens. A lot of your are really good ones as well, especially Death Note’s “What’s up people!?” But, in my case, I prefer the ‘World’. Both are awesome though.


    1. Cool, I agree with Database. It took a while to get used to, but damnit that song really sticks with you. I haven’t seen Bride a mermaid in a long time so I can’t think what the opening was, and I never saw Steins; Gate before. But Awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would suggest looking up Steins;Gate. It is a masterpiece that should be viewed by everyone. Trust me, you won’t regret it…unless you don’t make it to episode 6, because the start is one of the slowest of anime history, and you’ll probably end up confused.


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