My Creative Award


Well since I wasn’t expecting my first award, I certainly wasn’t expecting another in under 24 hours of my first. I have to thank Croitz D. Cat for the nom and you can check out his lovely site here:

On to the fun stuffs!!

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Real Neat Blog Award Nominations by Keatle, Mirrorpurple, ChibiMajo and Somethingaboutllynlyn

The awards are strong with this one!

the limitless imagination


Seeing that this award hasn’t been going around for some time now, I have decided to revive the appearance of this icon on WordPress Reader yet again  by …. clearing my award posts debt!! I apologise that I have taken 1.5 months to do a reply post on this, but I always save these posts for times when I feel more restless and less focused on studying, and I need some therapeutic, informal writing to save me from going gradually insane. Hence, you guys just saved me! xD

This also reminds me … I also need to return to reviews because I also realised that I haven’t been doing reviews for A VERY LONG TIME. Its ironic because this blog was supposed to be dedicated to that.

Anyways, I would like to thank Keatle, mirrorpurple, chibimajo and somethingaboutlynlyn for nominating me for the award 🙂

Rules of the Real Neat…

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My Hero Academia vol 1 First Impressions


After Naruto ended there were two series that everybody was saying would take up that mantle; Black Clover, and My Hero Academia. What do I say? Why should there be another Naruto? My Hero Academia (MHA) skyrocketed to fame, probably all the Naruto fans jumping on board, and I will admit it piqued my interest. Here was one of those few series that looks like it’s more inspired by American comics, than Japanese, and with that in mind I totally understand why American anime fans that only watch Naruto, or read, would jump onto MHA.

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Redline Review

Redline 2009 4_zpsyzb8dnxo

Animation Studio: Madhouse

Running Time: 102 minutes

Rated: M (Language, Violence, Boobs)

Redline takes place in the far future where cosmic racing is taken to the extreme. People power up their cars with guns, weapons, and an assortment of wacky gadgets you’d find in say speed racer. They go so fast that sometimes they get nose bleeds and the G forces pulling on them are insane that their bodies elongate. Redline is one of those films where the story may be simple, but it will give your eyes the best orgasm they have ever felt!

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Princess Jellyfish Volumes 1-4 Review


Princess Jellyfish is one of those gems that you just stumble upon with vague interest, only to find this story unique and quite powerful. While I’m not the target audience for this, Princess Jellyfish being a shojo title targeting girls, I was surprised that I liked it a lot, and it offered a subject matter that could be related to girls all around the world.

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The Curious Case of Reading Manga (and understanding what goes into it)


As we all know, those who read manga have many ways to do it. You have numerous companies putting their money into translating and releasing these beautiful volumes, and then you have scanlators who do their part in uploading manga translations faster, and of course, free. There has been a slight debate in this topic, I’m not sure if it was considered big, but I believe it’s something that should be discussed.

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Ace of Diamond Season 1 Review


Release: 2013-2015

Episodes: 75

Animation Studio: Madhouse and Production I.G.

Eijun Sawamura has immense passion for baseball. Scouted by Seido High School, Sawamura now pursues his dream of becoming the Ace of the team, to become the best pitcher there is. Sadly, when you’re a first year, and all your third year seniors overshadow you, the only way you stand out is having a big mouth. Sawamura, Furuya, and Haruichi have to show the upperclassmen that their natural abilities are an asset to the team. Together they learn about friendship, team work, new pitches, and intense games. Gear up Sawamura, for your destiny is supposedly great!

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My Top 15 Anime Openings!

So if you’ve been hooked by the anime bug, then I bet at some point you went on YouTube, iTunes, or any other place and put on your favorite opening song to that special anime that you love. I’ve been there, and with great anime coming each season it’s been really hard for me to make a list. Initially I wanted 10, but I kept adding, and adding, until I got to 15 and I was like “ENOUGH! I gotta cut it” So without further ado, here is my top 15 anime openings. To be fair, my list will not have more than one opening from each anime, one opening per anime.

(I apologize if I misspelled, put the wrong name, or did something else wrong. Openings are not my strong suit).

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Negima! Volumes 1-6 Review


Now this title is one that surprised me. I liked the anime when I was first starting getting into anime, and I even liked the weird parallel world re-imagining anime it had after that, but both times it appears that they only adapted the first 6 volumes of the manga, out of 38, and even then it was mostly filler…I think? Honestly I don’t remember it that well haha.

Actually, reading the  manga is a different experience. I’m not sure why, but when I read this I felt this blanket of calmness envelope me, like all my troubles would go away. It made me happy, and relaxed me all at the same time. That, and the fact that the author, Ken Akamatsu, is a complete badass really sold me on this series.

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