Sword Art Online (LN) Volume 1 Review


So a few years ago there was a certain series that took the world by storm, and I mean by God did this series reach unimaginable popularity. In just under a year, maybe even less than a month SAO is now as popular as DBZ. Anime fans, Light Novel fans, heck even people that never even watched anime before were all flocking to this series, and it is now one of the most recognizable stories out there.

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Steamboy Review


Directed by: Katsuhiro Otomo

This is one of, if not my, favorite anime movies ever. I watched it when it was released and instantly fell in love with it. This was even one of the reasons I figured out what anime is, and did research which led me to finding other shows I loved being anime and finding new anime.

The story is about Ray, who’s father and grandfather are scientists who are pioneering steam engineering, and his journey in finding out what happened to his family and having to deal with their broken relationships. It’s set in 1866 during the great England exhibition. This is a steampunk film so there are great creations being made to wage war. That’s as much of the plot I’ll give, because I think the best experience to watch this is not knowing a lot.

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Cost Effective Collecting!

So with all hobbies it’s always a question on how much money to put into it. Some are casual and cheap, like cards, where you can get a lot of enjoyment out of not a lot of money, while others can be expensive, like manga and anime. Whether it’s that new light novel you gotta have, or the anime prices just seem too daunting for you, I’m going to try and go as in depth into my methods of saving moo-la to help other’s who love this addicting hobby.

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Log Horizon Volume 1 (LN) Review


Log Horizon is a popular Light Novel series, which has a manga and anime adaptation, written by Mamare Touno. Currently there are nine volumes in Japan, and two volumes out in the States. Thanks to Yen Press creating the Yen On property we have a lot of Light Novels being published lately, and Log Horizon was one of my most anticipated ones I had for their new wave.

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